Pain Behind Knee Treatment Options And Tips

pain behind kneePain Behind Knee

If one is an athlete or runner 0r just an every day person going about their daily business, pain behind the knee can not only be painful, but it can be worrisome as well.

There are many reasons one could feel pain in this area, however; the most common reason is that the popliteus muscle has been strained or sprained.

This can be very painful and there are several things that can be done for this condition. It is not uncommon for people to go a long time before finally treating this pain and this is not healthy or good for the injury.

Behind the Knee Problems

Some of the most effective treatment for an injured popliteus is to apply “trigger point therapy to the area and utilize ultrasound. Many muscles will do well with simple massage and alternating hot and cold treatment to the affected area.

Behind the knee is an area that requires a bit more care. Since it covers the popliteal fossa, an area that is filled with blood vessels and the endings of nerves, over stimulating this area with too much massage is not an effective or safe way to deal with pain behind the knee. All knee pain should be treated with caution.

Exercises For Knee Pain

When one is exercising and stretches the hamstring, the popliteus muscle, behind the knee is also stretched. The muscles around the knee and in the legs need to be strengthened to help any strains or sprains repair themselves. Try this exercise:

1. Sit on a chair that is well above the ground

2. Let your legs dangle freely

3. Take some elastic tubing and secure it somewhere nearby

4. Wrap the other end of the tubing around the bottom of the foot of the bad knee

5. Rotate the foot and lower par of the leg

6. First rotate in an inward direction then reverse

7. Allow some low resistance and use many repetitions

This exercise will help strengthen the muscle and the hamstrings and legs to lend support to the muscle and to help heal the pain in the knee.

Cysts in the Knee

cyst behind kneeAnother cause for pain behind the knee is what is called a Baker’s cyst. This is a fluid-filled pustule that creates a bulge and is quite painful. There may be a sensation that feels as though the knee and skin behind the knee are tight. The pain may worsen when the person bends or fully stretches the leg.

Being active can become difficult and the join of the knee , as with arthritis, is uncomfortable A Baker’s cyst also is known by the term popliteal cyst and is related to tears in the cartilage.

The knee can take on fluid and this will worsen the condition and a doctor will have to be consulted. The cyst may need to be removed and some physical therapy may be of use in the recuperation phase. The process would be done outside of the hospital and in the doctor’s office in most cases.

Caution with Knees

Most people know that the knee is a very complex part of the body. It is filled with ligaments, tendons, the ACL which is very dangerous to damage and countless nerve connections. Athletes on major teams are often put out of careers due to bad knee injuries. Any injuries or knee pain is nothing to take lightly.

If one has pain behind the knee that is not improving it is best to see a specialist as soon as possible. If some simple exercises do not strengthen the leg and correct the pain immediately then a doctor needs to be consulted. Knee problems can lead to arthritis and other serious issues.

Pain in the knees can make playing with your children difficult and a day at the gym an impossibility. It is important to be aware of where the pain is and how long it has persisted. Once it is determined that the pain is not going away a trip to the doctor can determine if it is a sprain, a strain, a cyst, or if it is something that needs to be treated with more than just exercise. Home remedies are a good first step, however; with the knee do not waste too much time. If pain persists for more than a week, see a specialist and take care of the problem so it does not become worse.

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